19 Oct

Fire up the lawnmowers….. (read more)

  • Posted by Paul Mullen

Grass cutting season for fescue lawns is rapidly approaching.  Few things are more satisfying than the smell and look of a freshly cut and manicured lawn.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you fire up the lawnmower this spring to ensure that you turf will be healthy and look great all year long.

Take some time to service your mower to start the season.  Clean air and oil filters now and periodically throughout the season.  Check the mower blade for any damage, dents, bends or dullness.  A straight, sharp blade is not only critical for getting a clean even cut, a bent or dull blade will tear and rip at the grass rather than making a clean cut which leaves the plant susceptible to disease and pests.

Set your mower height for 3.5 inches and never scalp fescue grass.  At this height and with regular mowing, it is not necessary to bag or remove clippings.  In fact, those clippings left in the lawn provide valuable nutrients to the soil.

Mow when the grass is dry.  Mowing when wet will create the dreaded “clumps” that left behind will damage the turf.

Change the direction of cutting with each mow.  This will help keep the grass upright rather than leaning and growing in the direction of the last cut.  Changing the cutting pattern will also help avoid ruttting of the turf by keep the mower wheels from running over the same spot week after week.

Happy Mowing!

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